About Us



Travel Faculty is a powerful partner to help professionals in higher education manage and streamline professional employment relationships.  Travel Faculty assists institutions of every size to hire the most diverse and talented faculty.  Travel Faculty makes it easy for employees to find the highest-paying jobs where they want to work through one relationship, no need to send out hundreds of vitas.  Institutions can use Travel Faculty to simplify the hiring process by reducing paperwork, promotion costs, travel costs and the interview process.  We facilitate an active community of higher education professionals that network and share knowledge.  We reduce time and search costs for faculty and institutions and provide powerful employment solutions for both parties.

Customer Success

We have a strong commitment to customer success.  We are committed to transparency and collaboration in the hiring process.  A core aspect of Travel Faculty’s mission is to assist institutions and professional faculty achieve temporary mutually beneficial employment relationships without the accompanying administrative frustrations associated with filling tenure track, permanent faculty positions. 

Flexible and Efficient

We promote excellence in the search and hiring process that allows both parties to realize unparalleled, flexible, time and cost savings employment solutions.  Institutions can use Travel Faculty to hire one or any number of highly qualified professional faculty to address short-term needs through one contact.  Staff unfilled search positions, open faculty sabbatical positions, and transitional program vacancies with one contact.

Travel Faculty Operational Overview 

Internet based virtual company

  1. Hires higher education faculty
  2. Contracts with colleges and universities to provide faculty
    • Faculty remains employee of Travel Faculty
    • College enters service contract with Travel Faculty
    • More flexible and less expensive than hiring direct

Website is the business “gateway”

  1. Prospective faculty login and join an applicant pool
    • Employees only when on an assignment
    • Simplifies job search function
    • Allows employees to evaluate a job through a term appointment
  2. Colleges and universities login and post job vacancies
    • Lower cost than recruiting individually
    • More flexible way to manage faculty needs
    • Simplifies payroll and administrative expenses

Travel Faculty is designed to address non-career track needs of faculty and institutions.

Target Markets

  1. Faculty
    • Faculty on sabbatical
    • Early retirees
    • Chronically underemployed
    • Part-time adjunct faculty
  2. Colleges and Universities
    • Faculty replacement for sabbaticals
    • Faculty needed for startup programs under evaluation
    • Staffing for programs being phased out
    • Normal needs filled by adjuncts, etc.

EEO/AA Policy

Travel Faculty is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, including minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities.