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Travel Faculty Operational Overview 

Internet based virtual company

  1. Hires higher education faculty
  2. Contracts with colleges and universities to provide faculty
    • Faculty remains employee of Travel Faculty
    • College enters service contract with Travel Faculty
    • More flexible and less expensive than hiring direct

Website is the business “gateway”

  1. Prospective faculty login and join an applicant pool
    • Employees only when on an assignment
    • Simplifies job search function
    • Allows employees to evaluate a job through a term appointment
  2. Colleges and universities login and post job vacancies
    • Lower cost than recruiting individually
    • More flexible way to manage faculty needs
    • Simplifies payroll and administrative expenses

Travel Faculty is designed to address non-career track needs of faculty and institutions.

Target Markets

  1. Faculty
    • Faculty on sabbatical
    • Early retirees
    • Chronically underemployed
    • Part-time adjunct faculty
  2. Colleges and Universities
    • Faculty replacement for sabbaticals
    • Faculty needed for startup programs under evaluation
    • Staffing for programs being phased out
    • Normal needs filled by adjuncts, etc.

EEO/AA Policy

Travel Faculty is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, including minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities.